The Project

An early concept rendering

Building a Portal of Poetry, Music and Art

On a beautiful summer day you are strolling in downtown Princeton when you come upon a lush green wall with an inviting moongate that opens into a gallery of sights, sound and dynamic imagination. Welcome to Design @ Dohm Alley.

By early summer 2017, a team of educators and artists will transform the vacant alley between Starbucks and Landau. Throughout the summer and fall, the alley will be curated with temporary, rotating art installations.

Design @ Dohm Alley will showcase art, sculpture and ideas in an open air gallery setting that is eighty feet long and eleven-feet wide. Part garden, part classroom, this dynamic sensorium will invite pedestrians into a lively and interactive experience unlike any sidewalk engagement previously witnessed.

The period of the English Romantic Poets will be our initial tribute. Using their poetry, we have designed an installation of sculpture, landscape elements, audio and video to take pedestrians on a stimulating journey summoning the past to join us in the present though the medium of art and performance. We will deploy our unique brand of stagecraft to examine additional topics as the summer progresses: food literacy, climate shifts, Princeton notables, community design and planning, theater, the Princeton Art Museum, New Jersey history, technological revolutions, and other compelling contemplations on the state of current culture.

Peter Soderman (l) and Kevin Wilkes are the founders of Quark Park and the Writers Block.

Design @ Dohm Alley is another project by the team that created Writers Block and Quark Park, two award-winning community engagement spaces that brought art, science and literature together in a spectacle of wonderment.

Last fall the infrastructure for Design @ Dohm Alley was completed, and the digital hardware installation is underway now. Our first installation will open in June. A bluestone walkway, arches, and a moongate are just some of the features that will invite passersby to enter the space.

An early model of the Dohm Alley arch installation.

Each exhibition for Design @ Dohm Alley will be curated by a team that includes accomplished conceptual artists, designers, architects, sculptors, landscape artists, electronic artists, and lighting designers.┬áThe structure of Dohm Alley is meant to be a temporary mobile exhibit space as urban infill that will add excitement and depth to Princeton’s Central Business District.

Design @ Dohm Alley is a project of Princeton Future, an organization comprised of Princeton residents with diverse backgrounds, interests and talents that works to assist the municipality to take a forward-looking, comprehensive approach to planning and development that takes into account social, cultural, economic, and architectural factors.