Traction Company at Dohm Alley

As part of the first installation at Dohm Alley, the English Romantic Poets, the Traction Company will exhibit several sculptures.

Traction Company is a 12-person artist collective and studio in Philadelphia founded by, and entirely composed of, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts alumni, faculty and staff. Since 2007, members of the collective have congregated once a week to work out of a studio built in a former trolley manufacturing warehouse, both on individual projects and occasionally on collaboratively-made pieces.

Current members are : Connie Ambridge, Steven Dailey, Jeffrey Dentz, Billy Dufala, Morgan Dummitt, Miguel Horn, Sedakial Gebremedhin, Laura Giannini, John Greig Jr., Brendan Keen, Joshua Koffman, Lucia Thomè.

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